Huruma Designated Hospital

  • This is designated district hospital which provide both outpatient and inpatient services
  • The hospital has bed capacity of 140 beds which all the time is full of patient with different medical and surgical conditions
  • The hospital is well equipped with human and non-human resources

Mawenzi regional and Referral Hospital

  • This is regional/referral hospital specialized in mental health which is equipped with human and non-human resources.
  • The hospital has specialized staff in various disciple.
  • The  number of in-patient and outpatient attending for treatment and care at Mawenzi Hospital enable learners to acquire the required skills .


Community field practice

  • Community field practices in various village of Rombo District provide the practicum site for learners to acquire knowledge.
  • The main purpose is to enable learners to acquire skills in providing Primary Health Care Services at the community level .